BEST PRODUCT 2019 award for JPLAY FEMTO & M12 SWITCH Magic

Wojciech Pacuła
High Fidelity

With FEMTO using digital music we’re again closer to analogue sound

Wojciech Pacula

Sound quality has clearly further improved and far beyond what I thought a standard computer could do

Christiaan Punter

JPLAY FEMTO: Computer Audio will never be the same again

Terry Ellis
Pursuit Perfect System

A digital audio upgrade offering more significant impact than your average digital cable

John Darko
Digital Audio Review

JPLAY, JCAT USB Isolator & JCAT USB Card FEMTO Net Audio’s Recommended Products

Hajime Sakaki
Net Audio Japan

JPLAY ist meine persönliche Referenz bei der Musikwiedergabe über den Computer

Roland Dietl

My reference player

Steven Plaskin

JPLAY brings digital almost neck to neck with vinyl

Paul Candy
6moons, Blue Moon Award

The most transparent, clearest and gentlest acting music software

Christian Rechenbach
Eins Null

Highest playback quality obtained by any software or source

Charles Zeilig, Ph.D., Jay Clawson
TAS 219

JPLAY is stereoplay’s best known software player for Windows.

Andreas Bock

The First Step to Heaven = JPLAY

Clive Meakins
Enjoy the Music

The player software allows to extract all of the best from a PC computer and audio files

Wojciech Pacula
High-Fidelity, Red Fingerprint & Best Product 2011 awards

if you are looking to squeeze the absolute best from your computer playback system

Nick Whetstone