World’s-first features

  • 001
    Smallest buffer of any music player (DAC Link 1000Hz)
  • 004
    Improves sound quality of TIDAL & Qobuz streaming services
  • 006
    A complete network music software player for the most demanding audiophile
  • 003
    Support for DSD DoP 64/128/256, DSD Native up to 256 (via ASIO)
  • 005
    Three unique bit-perfect playback engines to satisfy everyone’s taste
  • 006
    Dual PC setup for most discerning audiophiles
  • 008
    Large-page memory playback provides increased performance & better sound
  • 009
    Maximum system timer reduces operating system latency
  • 010
    Maximal priority scheduling ensures uninterrupted flow of music data by running music playback at highest possible priority
  • 011
    Hibernate mode cancels OS ‘noise’ by eliminating hundreds of OS jitter-inducing processes & threads
  • 012
    Bit-perfect volume control
  • 013
    Improves sound quality of any software supporting ASIO (JPLAY Driver)

Quick start

  1. Download and run JPLAY trial setup which includes both JPLAY FEMTO & JPLAY Classic
    Run as admin: right-click on setupJPLAYFemto.exe & run as Administrator
    Some Anti-Virus programs (e.g. Kaspersky) may report a virus: it’s a known ‘false positive’. Please disable AV during installation and reactivate afterwards.
  2. Select the folders with your music files
  3. Restart PC
  4. Open JPLAY Settings panel and select your audio interface (DAC) under ‘Playing via’
  5. Open JPLAY app or some other UPnP remote app on a remote device in your home network, select JPLAY FEMTO as the renderer and JPLAY femtoServer as the library.JPLAY FEMTO combines unrivalled digital playback algorithms with convenience that
    has not been available before.
    It includes also JPLAY Classic: minimalistic interface JPLAYmini & JPLAY Driver
    which can be used to enhance sound quality of any audio player that supports ASIO.Please read the Manual for detailed instructions how to use & configure JPLAY.
JPLAY FEMTO is free for 21 days! Buy full license here Please note that the software can NOT be refunded! Please use the FREE trial version of our critically acclaimed player to judge the benefits in your own audio setup.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

If you have problems with the setup or you simply want to find out more about JPLAY, please contact us at support@jplay.eu, post a comment on our forum or on our facebook profile. We are happy to help!