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JCAT. reference computer audio accessories


One player to rule them all: use stand-alone or improve sound quality of any Windows player
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Full Memory-Based Playback

no disk activity during playback

JPLAYmini pre-loads complete playlist into RAM guaranteeing zero disk I/O during music reproduction.


Maximal Priority Scheduling

ultra low latency capabilities

Ensure uninterrupted flow of music data by running music playback at highest possible priority.


Hibernate Mode

multicore audio playback

Cancel OS ‘noise’ by eliminating dozens of OS jitter-inducing processes & hundreds of threads!

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Tom Gibbs Positive-Feedback 2016

My reference player

Steven Plaskin Audiostream, April 2013

Highest playback quality obtained by any software or source

Charles Zeilig, Ph.D., Jay Clawson TAS 219

The First Step to Heaven = JPLAY

Clive Meakins Enjoy the Music, April 2012

JCAT USB Isolator

Clean up your USB signal and get better sound

The JCAT USB Isolator blocks all noise coming from a PC and re-generates clean USB signal from scratch. It is capable of transmitting USB Hi-Speed (480 MBit/s) while providing full galvanic isolation up to 2.5 kV of both data and power lines - ideal solution for any sensitive applications requiring high-speed data transfer such as high end computer audio. Recreating and reclocking of USB signal is done by a fast FPGA-based circuit inside the JCAT USB Isolator’s aluminum housing. The enclosure acts as a shield against harmful electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) to further minimize noise. Breaking all the noise coming from a PC results in vast sound quality improvements. JCAT USB Isolator is a perfect solution for computer audiophiles seeking maximum sound quality from their USB DACs and USB-DDCs regardless of whether used with a PC, laptop or Mac. JCAT USB Isolator can work alone or in chain with our JCAT USB Card. We recommend JCAT USB Cables for best performance. isolatorboard _IGP2636 Specifications - Featuring world’s first industrial High Speed USB Isolation technology from Intona - Provides galvanic isolation up to 2.5 kV to the USB bus in all speed modes: Low Speed, Full Speed and USB 2.0 High Speed (480 MBit/s) - Plug & Play transparent operation, no drivers needed - Supports all USB-Audio formats and sample rates - No separate power supply needed; ultra low-noise linear regulation onboard - Reinforced USB Connectors: Type-B on PC-side, Type-A on device-side - Housing made of brushed aluminum - Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 2.5cm. Weight: 170g The JCAT USB Isolator is now available and can be purchased in our shop here: ►


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JPLAY will be used in combination with the MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB at the High End 2016 in Munich (Hall 1, Booth A08). See you in Munich!

JPLAY 6.1 adds TIDAL support

JPLAYStreamer now supports TIDAL! 
(currently only in combination with BubbleDS Next or BubbleUPnP on Android!)

Check free trial version and manual how to use it!

New website launched!

New website and forum launched!